Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Willkommen, Booziken! Muchas gracias. Hope you like this one.

Original Characters by Booziken; Story by The Atomic Punk

“We heard that you’re looking for some new guys to join your ‘Liberation Army’? Look no further. My name’s ‘Crack’ and this is ‘Ace,’ my boyo-in-the-box. Say ‘hello’ to his lordship, Ace. Oh, that’s right. He don’t talk to strangers. He usually just kills them. Ya know, ‘S.B.D.’.

“Ease up, boss. Kidding, kidding! We came for some potatoes. Bullets and plasma batteries don’t buy themselves. Curricula vitae? Ace, can you translate that, mate?

“Oh, what have we done? Well, there was that job off the Horn of Africa. Blew that place up! Made it look like a pipeline explosion. Wiped out an entire village.

“You heard of that caper? Our reputation proceeds us, Ace. We’re famous! Right… sorry ‘precedes’ us. You know I never finished my O-Levels.

“What did you think of our handiwork, your generalship? Quite impressive, wot? Took out the fuel supply. Destroyed a dozen trucks and some scooters. Munitions depot went ‘BOOM!’ and sent about 30 or 40 villagers up in the sky.

“I’m sorry, sir. What’d you say? That wasn’t a village? That was one of your rebel training camps? Then I must apologize, m’lord.

“You see, we didn’t get all the terrorists the first time. That’s why we came looking for you – to finish the job.”