Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Character Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

The thunderous applause of 100,000 citizens and free men fell into a dead silence. Their elation turned into horror. Blood soaked the arena floor. That was to be expected. However, the scene playing before them was unlike any that they had ever witnessed. The dusty air filled with gasps and utterances. A few women screamed.

The last gladiator walked among the bodies of her enemies. She thrust her sword into the chest of one corpse. She paced around another, kicking, spitting and screaming at the body. The gladiator dismembered her vanquished foes with barbaric fury. She dug her hand into the perforated chest and ripped out the heart.

She rose to face the coliseum and held the meat high for all to see. The mad woman squeezed her prize. The blood glistened in the hot noon day sun as it streamed down her arm. She screamed again then spat on the arena floor.

“This is what you came to see! Thirteen slaves forced to fight each other to the death. For the victor, freedom!

“I have murdered for your emperor. I have murdered for your amusement. And for what? So I could walk among you ‘free’ men?

“You should appeal to your emperor now. Beg him to keep me in this cage. If I were to leave through the gates of this butchery, I will kill you all!”