Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk


Character by WMDBASSPLAYER, Story by The Atomic Punk

You know what, Nick? I quit. I’m so tired of your bull-[censored]. We’re going nowhere. These weeknight gigs in local bars suck. How many people showed up last night? Five… maybe ten? I’m putting in almost as many hours practicing and playing as I am at my day job. Not to mention only getting five hours of sleep before I have to show up there.

So, I’ve made a choice. I’m tired of making sandwiches at the deli for nine hours then hustling over to Tony’s for three-hour jams and practicing Sheep for the Slaughter covers. Just sick of it. Instead of fixing my car, I bought these drums. For what? So I can haul them around in your mom’s van?!? By the way, yes, I did fill it up before I returned it.

When’s the last time that you paid for gas? Or your half of the rent? When’s the last time you booked us a real gig? When’s the last time you wrote a song? Dude, seriously, when’s the last time you applied for a real job?

Nick, it’s time. I have some original material. Tony and Hector are on board. Our first show is Sludgefest at Dabrowski Hall. We’re going to be playing on the same stage as the real Sheep for the Slaughter.

Nick, I’m not quitting the band. I’m quitting you.