Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Characters by prswirve; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Another band of warriors… when will they stop pursuing us, my love?”

“I suppose until there are no more. What shall we do? The king will never let us be.”

“Not a moment’s rest. Though, does this not excite you, dear? The chase. The thrill of the hunt.”

“No, I’m bored. I tire of being the hunted. We should be the ones hunting.”

“As you wish. Soldiers, what is your choice? Leave us in peace, or suffer the same fate as those before you?”

“You are in no position to make such a bargain! Release the prisoner and come with us.”

“In no position? You believe that I have nothing of value other than my handsome companion? You are mistaken. I am no longer the king’s slave. The chains are broken. No longer am I forced to use my magicks to protect his realm. I have my freedom!”

“Warlock, release the king’s daughter from your wicked spell and surrender!”

“Again, you are mistaken, Captain. No spell was necessary. I am with the Warlock of my own free will. My love, I believe that the soldiers have made their decision.”

“Agreed, my lady. Let the hunt begin.”