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The Atomic Punk


THAT WAS AWESOME! I really would like more! I’m starting to like your fire-sprite concept more than my flame mutant. That being said, for prs’s Firebird movie, I’d like to contribute. I’m a musician and I actually do make most of my living street performing and could provide some video of me working.

Who do you think I had in mind when I set up that scene?


@prswirve said:

You have a really wide imagination and you have the gift of capturing ours as well. Of all the stories you’ve done in this thread, i wonder how you can keep all inside your head. You are amazing! Thanks for the compliment. I like to write but can’t draw. That’s what led me to HeroMachine. I like to see my characters on paper not just in my imagination. It’s fun to be “opposite.” Instead of someone describing a character then I draw it, they present a character and I write it. For the most part, I know what’s in my head. Input from others stimulates creativity.