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I came up with this design for WMDBASSPLAYER’s “Hothead.”

HOTHEAD: Chapter 2
Inspired by WMDBASSPLAYER’s Original Character

Every fire alarm in the building was blaring. The overhead fire extinguishers activated. Professor Sumner cursed herself for being so careless. This was the ultimate failure of Project: Hothead. She darted to her laptop. Hothead’s nanochip “brain” featured a GPS tracker. The search returned no trace.

Gary panicked, “How are we going to find her? Oh, man, what if Carlsbad finds out?”

“I believe that I already have,” said an angry voice behind the assistant.

Gary turned to the lab’s entrance. There stood University President Albert Carlsbad. His normally pressed and crisp suit soaked by the artificial rain.

“Come with me, both of you,” he commanded.

Lydia grabbed her notes and laptop then stuffed them in her travel pack. She slung it over her right shoulder and grabbed Gary’s arm with her left hand. Sumner dragged Gary into the slippery hallway.

The walk across campus was uncomfortably silent. The only thing the scientists could do was follow Carlsbad’s wet, shiny bald head like a beacon. When they reached the University President’s office, Carlsbad politely held the door for them to enter first. He bowed and smiled.

Standing behind Carlsbad’s desk was a military officer. Professor Sumner and Gary flinched when they heard Carlsbad slam the door behind them. Sumner recognized the officer as General Bettis from the nearby army base. The General slammed his fist hard against the desk. Gary could swear that smoke was coming out of his ears.

“Dammit, what happened now?” demanded the General.

Gary was the first to speak, “I’m sorry, sir, you are…”

“Shut up, Gary,” muttered Professor Sumner. “I’ll do the talking.”

“General Bettis, the incubator malfunctioned. It must have surged, causing all the alarms and extinguishers to go off.”

“That’s not what the cameras show,” growled President Carlsbad. “We saw Project: Hothead escape! Where is it?”

Professor Sumner stuttered as she reached for her laptop, “We don’t know… the GPS failed. Look at this reading. The temperature must have short-circuited the nanochip.”

“We’re not abandoning this project. I will personally see to the capture of the rogue experiment,” General Bettis said. “You two will remain on the job. This time no cute little faeries. However, we do want something that can fly. That will increase the versatility of this weapon. You want something from a children’s book? How about… a freaking dragon!”

Gary spoke up, “Wait… weapon… what’s going on?”

General Bettis and President Carlsbad both shouted, “You want off this project?”

“Jinx, you… owe him… a soda,” Professor Sumner injected meekly.

President Carlsbad ordered the scientists to return to the laboratory, help with the clean up, then get back to work. Professor Sumner fumed. Her anger turned into a plan. If the General wants a dragon, a dragon he shall get.