Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

I have a lot of ideas for Firebird: The Movie. A few re-writes and some timeline shifts, plus a new character. I do not have a narrative for her yet; however, she plays a major role in the story. For now, here is the “character sketch” that I asked Anarchangel to design with a quick write-up.

Firebird is an original character designed by prswirve. Xaphan (aka, “The Goldtooth Dragon”) is an original character designed by headlessgeneral.

Character Design by Anarchangel; Original Character by The Atomic Punk


Ling Sun (pronounced “soon”) is working her first semester as a student teacher at Cassandra’s (Firebird’s) high school. She prefers to be called “Sunny.” Sunny is rather young for a college student (she graduated high school at 15 and was granted waivers to attend university almost immediately). That puts Sunny at a closer age to the students than the teachers. The staff has noted that Sunny dresses rather casual and inappropriately. Much to the shock of the principal, Sunny commented once that she finds “too many clothes to be restrictive.”

Sunny takes an interest in all of the students. In particular, she has noticed a lonely misfit named Cassandra. Though Sunny has tried to befriend the teen, Cassandra’s own outlandish behavior makes it difficult to have a serious conversation. The other students, and some of the staff, call the two “Ling and Ding-a-ling.” After the car accident that killed Cassandra’s parents, Sunny has become more aggressive in reaching out to her.