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The Atomic Punk

@DC-Lover said:

Atomic. Ya went an interesting direction with the Kingsmen and the Volunteer. They were actaully two seperate characters done at different periods as an artist on this site. So making it an Irish Spy playing an actor playing a british serial character is intriguing.
At least thats what I got from it. They were original concepts for a bunch of characters set before the 1930s making them expeirence all the change in Europe and America during and after WW1. Hence the simplicity of their designs and outfits. But I will say I enjoy it and look forward to Tank chapter 2.

Your are correct. I figured that the two were from different times. Perhaps the son carrying on the family tradition. My twist being he plays a superhero on screen when in real-life he fights bad people. With their “plain” outfits, they did strike me as circa 1920s or 1930s. And I love the old-time matinees and cliffhangers! Glad you liked my interpetation.

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