Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Character by prswirve; Story by The Atomic Punk

Debbie Pendelton (Student, University of Iowa-Ames): “Yeah, sure, we went to high school with Cassandra.”

Alexis O’Shea (Reporter, WBIA): “What was she like? Was she popular? Participate in school activities? Prom Queen?”

Luna Perez (Accountant): “Oh no… she was… weird and annoying.”

AO: “Oh, how so?”

DP: “Ugh, where to begin? First, she was such a dweeb. Even the other dweebs though she was a misfit.”

LP: “Yeah, she went through all these weird phases. She would go around school telling people how famous she was going to be.”

AO: “What were her ambitions?”

LP: “One week, she was going to be on Doing the Tango with Famous People and the next she was going to be a racecar driver or start a motorcycle gang.”

DP: “The time she was going to be the next Britney or Cherrie Hart. She would walk around campus singing off-key.”

LP: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… then she was going to be a supermodel who designs her own clothes.”

AO: “Wow, sounds like she had a lot of dreams.”

DP: “No, she was just a freak.”

LP: “Like, the principal sent her home several times because of those outfits that she wore.”

DP: “Think she was messed up before. Her parents died in a car accident and she was in a coma for three days. Her parents burned alive but she was unscathed. When she came back to school, she told everyone that she had ‘risen like a phoenix’ or some other bat-[censored] crazy nonsense.”

AO: “When she flew in from the sky and defeated The Goldtooth Dragon, she probably saved a hundred lives.”

DP: “Yeah, that was pretty cool.”

LP: “She did help me with my math homework once.”