Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Character Designs by DC-Lover; Story by The Atomic Punk

Cut… and… print! That’s a wrap, everyone! Great job! We’ll see you at the premiere party!

“Terribly sorry, Big M, but I will not be in attendance. The studio telegraphed. They want me to head to Siam for a new serial. Yes, I know. Too soon, what? The Kingsman is a popular fellow. Have to keep filling those matinee seats. A packed motion picture theatre means bread on our tables – and a bit of brandy, of course. I’ll be sure to send you a postcard.

“Truly, it is too soon. Just wrapped up my real mission here. Almost blew my cover a couple of times. Got the job done, though. These documents that I retrieved from Aviemore are proof that the Orange Brigade is collaborating with the Rising Sun Empire. To what end? I guess I will find out when I get to Siam.

“Now, what trite nonsense will ‘The Kingsman’ be up to? Where’s the bloody script? Oh, this is brilliant. What an apt title: ‘The Kingsman Meets Chingis Khan.’ I wonder if they will use an actual Asian actor for this one.

“The Rising Sun will undoubtedly be suspicious of a movie being filmed so close to occupied territory. Best to have my papers in order: Famous actor Reggie Keigwin. All of this cloak and dagger, sometimes I forget my real name. Alas, it is what I volunteered for.

“Rather good thing that I don’t go about my affairs like The Kingsman does in his movies. Running around with a bright red cape. I can barely move my arms under those stiff epaulets. The mask does come in handy if I am low on cosmetics for a disguise.

“One thing that makes no sense about The Kingsman. What kind of agent gets himself in a spot without a gun?”