Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Character by Alexander of Limbo; Story by The Atomic Punk

Yes, oh, yes! This will be a most efficient day. The trainees still have a ways to go. However, I believe with the addition of the new supervisors, they will become hard-working professionals. Now that my manager’s harness is fully charged, I can properly (and efficiently!) inspect the operation.

I will first descend to the mines where the workers extract the raw ore. A quick directional calibration, then float effortlessly over to the smelting furnace. Hmmm… the oven is not at an optimal 3.624 temperature. Best to alert the foreman.

Now to make my way past these support beams. On to level 26 to review the manufacturing process. Very good, I see that the engineers have spotless maintenance records. The line is at peak capacity.

Buzzing upward again to level 57 – Quality Control. Yes, this is very good news. The finished product has a mere 1.09-% defect rate. Still a little high, if you ask me.

To the rooftop distribution point where the drays load then ship our products to our customers. Marvelous, the just-in-time schedule is running smoothly. There have been no dry runs or pilot detentions this week.

I’ll just check my timepiece and… there’s the signal for the noontime break. Even the factory chronometer is accurate! I think I will descend down to the mines to remind the supervisors. The workers are entitled to nourishment and a brief rest period.

Gabrilaxx, old boy, if things continue like this, you will get a nice bonus during the Feast of Twelve Moons. Who knows? Maybe the Directors will notice and offer a promotion to The Board.