Re: Tell my story



@The Atomic Punk said:
Kind of makes me wonder, sometimes. Ever wonder why some people disappear? They run out of ideas, get bored, find a new hobby, or something unthinkable? Not trying to be morbid or bring anyone down… it’s just something to consider when you’re part of an on-line community. HeroMachine has some amazing talent and creativity. Hopefully, our absentees are alive, healthy, and happy. Just wish they would pop in now and then to give us a pulse.

People may come
People may go
Just as long as the waters slow
But watch out when you’re
Headed for the waterfall

– Wendy & Lisa, “Waterfall”

Speaking as someone who’s partially gone (okay, I’ve never left, but I haven’t Heromachined in months), I can at least say for me part of it is a creativity block (sort of, my creative energies have gone into other areas, but I’m not sure I can even think of creating new characters at the moment), and part of it is finding time (I have a lot of stuff going on, and finding time to fit Heromachine in has been difficult, especially if I want to properly Zyp an illustration, which would often take a couple hours).

Still, looks like I’ll be away from my job for a while longer, so maybe someday I’ll start creating again.

Like you, I hope that the Machinists that have left are still doing well, both physically and emotionally.