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Name: Adrastus Kefak
Aliases: The Wizard, Flame God, The Pyromancer, Manuel Lowe, Richard Nguyen, Andrew Simpson; (and many, many more)
Birthday: June 2, 290 BC
Powers: Pyrokinesis, Spellcasting, Immortality
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt

When Adrastus was eight years old, his parents were killed by who they thought were their closest friends. They sent Adrastus away and he’s was on the run for what should have been the rest of his natural life. When he was in his 30 and noticed that he hadn’t aged a day since his 20th birthday, he went to see a seer that he’d caught wind of while on the road. It was there that he learned of his special abilities; and because of his special abilities, the seer took him in and taught him the ways of a spellcaster. He currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland and works as a police officer and superhero when needed.