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Name: Kevin Perez
Alias: Summerman
Birthday: March 2, 2050
Powers: Increased Dexterity/Speed
Birthplace: Yichang, China

As a teenager, Kevin Perez absolutely loved gladiator fighting. And one of his favorite fighters: Abaku. But once the Neo-Gladiator defeated Abaku in the semi-final round of the championships of 2070, Kevin Perez swore that he would take him down. He trained with the world renowned trainer Kai Le for six years before entering into gladiator fighting. Two years after that he killed the Neo-Gladiator in battle.

Name: Abaku Solando
Alias: None
Birthday: February 19, 2035
Powers: Enhanced Speed, Limited Movement Precognition
Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa

Although Abaku was born in South Africa, his parents moved him to Beijing China when he was just 3 years old. When he turned 6 he began training in various martial arts styles; and he was something of a prodigy with all of them. When he turned 15 his abilities activated. After that he remained undefeated in any contest he entered. All of these victories led Abaku to believe he was unable to be defeated. So he entered the Gladiator contests with the incorrect assumption that he would be fine. His parents pleaded with him not too, but his lust for money and fame combined with his naturally show-off type personality led to his entering into the contests anyway. He won for several years before finally losing to, and dying in the process of fighting the Neo-Gladiator.