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Name: Darya Andropov
Alias: Space Runner
Birthday: October 4, 2100
Powers: Atom Gripping and Super Speed
Birthplace: Adygeja, Russia

Name: Luka Schröder
Alias: Galactic Man
Birthday: November 30, 2075
Powers: Lack of Necessity for oxygen, Extreme Pressure Resistance, Extreme Cold Resistance, Extreme Longevity.
Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany

Although Luka was born in Germany, he didn’t stay there very long before being kidnapped by scientists due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth. His mother, Mia Schröder, had been hunted by the German government since she was a teenager due to her ability to learn any secret through her power of insight. Then she met Luka’s father, Virgil Simpson, an American with ties to several German crime syndicates. When the government discovered she was pregnant, a manhunt started and Virgil Simpson was in the wind. Then the scientists heard about Mia and her unique ability, and they wanted to know whether or not it would be passed down to him. So, on the day of Luka’s birth, the scientists (whose names have not been disclosed) chased Mia down, threatening to kill her if she didn’t hand over the boy. She did as she was told; she was killed anyway. Throughout the next couple of days, scientists tested the baby for his mother’s specific genetic abnormality that led to her power….it wasn’t found, but a whole bunch of others were. Abnormalities that led the scientists to believe that Luka would be the perfect astronaut. He required no suit and could potentially live for a thousand years. They trained him until his sixteenth birthday when they blasted him into space without so much as a good luck. Luckily for him, he survived and landed on a faraway planet, that happened to be inhabited by a friendly alien species. They took him in as their own and he is now a patrolman for their little section of the universe. Recently he ran into another woman from Earth called the Space Runner, with whom he has become infatuated.