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Name: Darakna Djinn
Alias: Red
Birthday: Unknown
Powers: Teleportation, Item Generation
Birthplace: Gal-ol, Mino (on the planet Vesta)

Darakna, an alien, showed up on earth in Brazil after being banished from her very tiny home planet for disruption of the order of life. Since then, she has used her magical talents in very shifty, but sometimes valiant ways.

Name: Kzylisar Karatu
Alias: The Red King, The King
Birthday: Unknown
Powers: Electricity Manipulation, Item Generation
Birthplace: Ga-Rei, Dial (On the planet Vesta)

At the tender age of 12 Kzylisar forcefully took the throne from his mother: Keara. His mother had been a cruel dictator, killing anyone who stood in her way, so Kzylisar considered it one of his most great triumphs in taking her down. He ruled for several years treating his people with the utmost respect and making them happy. But soon, a horrible drought struck his planet, and famine spread. People became angry, violent even. Enter Red. She gathered up a rebellion army, assuming she could rule better than any of those who held the Karatu name could. Unfortunately for her, Kzylisar saw through this little plan of hers and had her banished to Earth before she could enact any of her plans.