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Name: Kiefer Feldt
Alias: Vespula
Birthday: June 6, 2020
Powers: Enhanced Danger Perception, Enhanced Sight, Flight
Birthplace: Dresden, Germany

Immediately after graduating from college with a degree in entomology in the year 2042, Kiefer Feldt went into specialized research with the species of wasp vespula germanica. He wanted to know what made them such an invasive species. 3 years later he thought he had an answer. But before he could get his research published, his nest of bees escaped and attacked a local lab. He tracked them down and hoped to catch them…and he succeeded but not without a few stings. What he didn’t know was that the bees had gotten hold of a very volatile chemical that should have killed them. Weeks later, Kiefer began to get very sick. He retreated to his home, and many thought him dead. Nearly six months later he resurfaced, with a pair of wings all his own and weird eyes to match. His appearance had grossly changed. The citizens of Germany, at the sight of him, decided that he would be better off dead and they tried to kill him. That was when he decided his best option was to flee. He left Germany behind in search of nicer pastures…or nests if you like.