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Name: Violet Tahoe
Aliases: Samantha Jacobs, Allison Jermaine, Indigo McHale, Texa Santiago.
Birthday: April 19, 1922
Powers: Immortality, Enhanced Healing
Birthplace: St. Catharines, Canada

In 1957, Violet Tahoe was shot in the head by an unknown assailant in the middle of the street; on that day, she discovered two things about herself: she couldn’t die…and she could heal incredibly fast. After that day, life was never the same for her, no matter how hard she’d hoped it would be. She refused to tell her husband and children about her secret, but she knew that eventually they’d find out. So she left them. She changed her name and started a new life. Every now and then she’d venture back to where she used to live so she could see her husband and children but after seeing her first born child, Jeremy Jr., die, she couldn’t stand the sight of them It hurt her too much. Ever since then, she’s been moving from place to place and changing her name. She’s lived almost every life imaginable…except the rich and famous one. She’s conned men out of their fortunes, been a bank robber, saved lives as a trained nurse and she was even a pilot for a brief period of time. Her last known location was Vila Velha, Brazil.