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Names: Kana Le (Silver) & Corliss Egret (Gold)
Aliases: Silver and Gold, Yin and Yang, Peace and War
Birthdays: June 1, 1968 (Silver) & December 18, 1974
Powers: Silver: Mind Control, Flight; the Gift of Persuasion
Gold: Super Strength, Super Dexterity & Super Speed
Birthplace: Kana: Jamestown, NY. Corliss: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Kana was in graduate school at the Columbia University when she met Corliss (Then an undergrad). They immediately became best friends. Corliss was always the fiery one; quick to tell people off and always waiting for a fight. Kana; however, was quiet, shied away from confrontation but had a manipulative streak. When their powers manifested in 1995 they seemed to be perfectly tailored for them. In fact it was too tailored as far as Kana was concerned. So when she went searching for a source of her powers, she found that both she and Corliss had been experimented on in their sleep, and this led to the manifestation of their powers. They were infuriated that their lives had been disrupted without their permission and they sought revenge…and in less than three months they got it, in the form of a man named Cole Spears, a disgraced Biologist.