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Name: Kai Sanders
Alias: Wisp
Birthday: March 14, 1989
Power: Matter Disintegration and Generation
Birthplace: Utsunomiya, Golden Amethyst Republic

Wisp is one of the most misdirected villains…ever. Years ago, as a child, his foster father performed many many experiments on him, which granted him the ability to generate a purple smoke that disintegrates matter. Because of the many experiments, he had forgotten most of his terrible childhood, but he remembers the pain he suffered (but not exactly who did it to him). His foster father later told him that he was a part of a secret government project to create a new weapon. After learning this false news, Wisp vowed to take down the Golden Amethyst Republic’s(GAR) government. (The Golden Amethyst Republic is the country formerly known as Japan)