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Please Welcome, Ruler of EarthRealm, Techno-Master #1, aka Black Dragon, formerly known as The Pelican:

As The Pelican:

Black Dragon Unmasked:

Black Dragon Full Power:

The most popular Earth hero of modern times, The Pelican, partnered with Dr. Emily Silver to create the Silver Sanction. Unfortunately, his motivation was to learn how to operate Dr. Silver’s nanite technology and take it over. His plans came to fruition upon the capture of his own team on it’s final mission.

The Pelican, as the world would find out too late, was a mask for his true persona, Black Dragon, the greatest criminal mastermind of all time. His true power is the ability to borrow or steal other heroes powers that are genetically-based. Every ability he has was stolen from someone else, including his intelligience, immortality, strength, healing factor, muscle mass, along with many others. BD originally appeared as several heroes in the 1940s, including Mentallo and the Mystic, before settling on The Pelican in the 1950s. Because of his intelligence, BD is an accomplished mentalist and used this skill to conceal his true identity.

As The Pelican, he was able to learn other heroes’ abilities and weaknesses. Also, he could take out rivals with the free help of those same heroes. Ultimately, what he wanted, like any villain, was power and to rule the world. In fact, it was during this time that he discovered the Queen of Malecia, killed her and worked out the secret of the Dark Mists (you can find her in my other gallery). As a bonus, BD now had a ready-made secret lair in the form of a hidden country.

So the question remains, why did he enslave Qi and Uni-Man? BD desired Uni-Man’s universe seed and to know the secret of Qi’s life energy. While using Uni-Man as his power source, BD is also trying to extract the seed from his body to have for himself. As to Qi, he knows that her ability does not come from Earth but from an undiscovered dimension, which is why he invaded Sumina. Although Sumina is not the source, it is the entrance to it.