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And now Uni-Man as Techno-Master #3:



As the years went by, Uni-Man became concerned that someone would take the meteorite jewel that granted his powers and use it for evil, so he swallowed it. Little did he know that this “jewel” was actually the seed of a dormant universe and by ingesting it, he was now it’s host. Obviously, being the host of a living universe, his powers were god-like and made him less attached to society. However, out of a sense of duty, Uni-Man remained with the Silver Sanction.

When the nanite threat Dr. Silver had prepared the team for was upon them, he joined the mission. Although he had the power to wipe the nanites out, society was too dependent on the technology. Unfortunately, one of the Sanction was a traitor and captured the powerful Uni-Man in a Psycho-Matrix that made him believe he had destroyed all life in the universe and rendered him unwilling to use his power. Sadly, Uni-Man, or Techno-Master #2 as he’s called now, is the primary power source for the invading EarthRealm (afer all, he is a living universe).

Who could be tricky enough to turn two former heroes into mindless tech? Who is the villainous Techno-Master #1? When can we hit the reset button and go back to the Earth we know and love? Stay tuned!