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Now it’s time to travel in the way-back machine about 15 years and across space to Earth-Realm (from our perspective it would be about 40 years into our future) to see what Techno-Master No. 3 used to look like.



Qi, pronounced Chi, was one of three heroes belonging to the Silver Sanction. Dr. Emily Silver, aka Metal Streak and Metal Saint, created the Silver Sanction as a secret force against the evil use of her technology. At the time, Qi was a master ninja and could physically manifest her life energy. Normally, this ability worked best when she applied it to objects she held, such as her sword. The sword, or any held object, would become indestructible and conceivably cut through anything.

It is unknown at this time why Qi’s actions led to her becoming a Techno-Master and what exactly is her purpose in regards to the nanites.