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Thank you both kindly! The leaf is suppose to represent the change to autumn. Or something.

Here’s the a short introduction to the first archetype and race of the game I’m working on.

The human race is the most numerous of the sentient races. Though generally weaker intellectually and physically than dwarves and trolls respectively, humans tend to be more diplomatic, and have a much higher natural affinity for the magic arts.


(Examples: Warrior Monk, Sohei, Crusader, Flagellant, Martial Artist, Swordmaster…)
An Asket uses magic in a different way than the average Magii. Through the use of deep concentration, meditation or prayer the Asket is able to direct Astral Energy inwards, allowing him to perform superhuman feats of strength and speed. This method is quite popular among more devout magic users, since extroverted magic is outlawed as witchcraft in most parts of the Protestant Union.