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Herr D

Yikes. I’m with JR, your Maria won my vote. The Violinist came 2nd for me.

Here’s where I go awry. Your interpretation of what steampunk means seems dead-on to me, but I think I only saw airships from you and I. The Violinist told an uncertain story, but I could believe that that violin and the thing behind her might have had a real purpose behind the gears. (My airship had gears as a deliberate decorative identifier, as a conceit to the apparent style, but it may have made the viewports too subtle and spoiled the composition.)

I also misinterpreted Maria’s emotion–not as insane glee, not as acceptance, not as insane apathy.
I thought she was staring out at what made her sad, inviting the man behind her to comfort her through seduction by languid pose and movement, perhaps wearing what she thought she looked best in.