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Stulte, I tell you what. If you ever finish it, I’ll feature it as COTW, because I absolutely love the piece and, like Nug, I think it deserves a lot more recognition than it’s getting.
I also have another little confession to make. I did do a Steampunk contest with you in mind, considering some of the stuff you up loaded on your first few pages (I’m thinking mostly about the prosthetics and body enhancements here), plus the world you’ve created on this thread seems very steam-punk inspired (forgive me if I’m wrong). But that was the sort of thing I was hoping would be entered. Nothing against the gears and cogs Steampunk (I mean, considering the quality of the other entries on the poll it would be stupid to say I disliked it, they’re all superb or they wouldn’t have got onto the poll. Plus of course I did say I had joint favourites. I’m not going to say who, because that would be unfair on the other contestants.), but you are right, there is much more to Steampunk than just period costumes with some clockwork attached.