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It’s funny you say you prefer your other entry and that you aren’t that pleased with Battle Of San Bartoleme, because to be honest it was my joint favourite out of all this weeks contest entries. I think the details are superb, the ancillaries that aren’t the main focus of the picture (the vases, glasses and that clock) are just so well done. The fact you also included a damp effect on the towel and water on the floor really impressed me as well, a lot of people wold have either forgot about it or not included it at all. And then you have the scene in the window. The contrast between the dark and moody colours of the battle scene and the light and clean colours of the room really set the whole thing off. Obviously, you are right, it isn’t perfect. The characters back still needs a bit of work, but apart from that. Once again I’m gonna be honest, as soon as you entered it into the contest it was going on the poll. I’m just a bit disappointed it’s not doing better, because, as I said, it is my joint favourite of all the entries.