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The trolls emerged from their homes in the deep forests and the high mountains shortly after the dwarves did.They may appear brutish and slow witted but most of them are kind, gentle creatures that are simply uneducated in civilized matters. Most trolls shy away from human settlements, and so they are a rare sight in the urban areas of the Protestant Union. Those who do venture into the cities, though, can easily find gainful employment as for example manual laborers or, more commonly, bodygaurds or mercenaries.



With the recent invention of methods of connecting ones nervous system to an electric circuit came the capability of constructing neurally-controlled prosthetics. Originally intended for medical purposes this technology has proven more popular (and affordable) by elite mercenaries who use mechanical implants to augment their fighting abilities. A sword slashes more precisely when held with a metal limb, and it’s considerably easier to aim a rifle when your synthetic eyes are directly connected to the sights.

*Working title.

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