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final version

Name: Marlo Sloane
AKA: Shiver

Bio:Marlo was doing time in a Detroit juvenile detention center when his cryokenitic abilities began to manifest. He was sent to the”Governor’s Academy”which he soon escaped and went on to become one of the founding members teen villain group known as the”Planet Kids”. When Proximus emerged as the group’s leader Marlo was his right hand man and has stayed loyal to him ever since. He is now Proximus’s lieutenant in the Doom Cartel.

Special Abilities: Marlo possesses the ability to create and control ice psionocally , he also has low level telekinetic ability.
Skills: Marlo is skilled fighter, In combat he constantly generates rings of ice around his arms and fashions them into the razor sharp shurikens he throws with deadly accuracy. He also encases his fists in thick layers of ice to deliver devastating blows to his opponents.