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Name: Kela Ashby
A.K.A : Burn, Van girl
Rank :The Ace of Hearts

Bio: Born on the island of Barbados, Kela’s psionic abilities started to manifest themselves at the age of seven when a fire accidentally killed her parents.The Barbadian authorities,sent her to America to attend the “Governor’s School” a special state run facility whose purpose was to train children with special abilities. While some of these schools were legitimate learning institutions, the “Michigan Governor’s Academy” where Kela ended up was little more than a clearing house where children would be taught to control there powers and then be sent to work as “interns” for various private and government entities. The schools director set up a hierarchy among the students using the tougher and meaner students to keep the others in line. Life at the school was rough for Kela but she learned to adjust though she was not looking forward to a life of servitude to some government agency or corporation. When “Troy” a mysterious new student showed up he and Kela became close and stood together along with a third student Marlo Sloan, to defy the student regime that had been mistreating them the resulting battle ended up destroying the school and giving the three a chance to escape. They fled to nearby Vassar City and took over a large abandoned warehouse which they dubbed “The Planet”,soon other street kids started showing up to the planet and they were taken in by the three fugitives. Kela was happy at the Planet until Troy disappeared and another boy “Proximus” began to emerge as the Planet’s leader . Under him the Planet kids no longer kept a low profile and stole only what the needed to survive, He started planning and pulling off elaborate heists purposely bringing attention to himself. This led to the planet being targeted by the teen super hero group known as the “Ultra Force”. Kela watched in horror as Proximus used the young inhabitants of the planet as canon fodder against the heroes. The planet was destroyed but Kela escaped capture and ended wandering the streets , of Vassar city. She soon met a graffiti artist named Scratch who took her into his “Peace Riot” graffiti school. She learned that there were a few schools like it in the city and across the country and they would all compete against as well as learn from each other. Kela embraced the art and the culture of the school and took on the name of “Van girl” after her favorite artist Van gogh. When Proximus reemerged a few years later to threaten the world Kela left the Peace Riot school to do what she could to stop him.

Special Abilities: Pyrokenitic , low level Telekinetic , and empathic abilies.
Skills: Kela mixes her ability to control fire with her skills as an artist to create the intricate flaming forms she controls with her mind. She carries costum made paint cans that are basically mini flame throwers fueled by special paint canisters. She cannot create fire but she is able to gain control over and manipulate any existing flames. She also skilled in Parkour.