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Name : Ne’na Fatal
A.K.A : Too many to list
Rank : The Dealer

Bio : By her own design Ne’na’s personal history is shrouded in mystery. DNA scans have confirmed that she is of mixed ethnicity, which gives weight to the rumor that she is the love child of a British MI 6 operative and a famous Bollywood actress .The earliest official reports have her joining the G.S.O in her mid twenties,although there are earlier reports of her involvement with other intelligence agencies,including but not limited too the C.I.A,K.G.B and the Mossad.When an alien race called the “Octo’Zenons” covertly invaded the earth, Ne’na was chosen to create and lead a special team,to hunt down and neutralize the aliens as well as their human collaborators.The operation’s success allowed Ne’na to rise quickly through the ranks of the G.S.O,eventually becoming the director of “Shadow Ops”. Ne’na’s new found popularity within the G.S.O took a big hit when the full details of her “OZ Squad” operation were leaked and she and the other members of her team became the object of hostilities for several high ranking global officials whose friends and family members , were executed by Ne’na and her team . She managed to weather the storm only to be fired a few years later for what was classified as “undisclosed infractions”. When the super villain “Proximus” and his “Doom Cartel” murdered several superheroes and global leaders , Ne’na was tapped by the G.S.O to find and terminate him. She agreed to take the assignment but only on the condition that she be allowed to to take over the “Deck’s” Dealer position which was left vacant when Maxwell Syndor ( her former mentor and creator of The Deck) was also killed by Proximus .

Special Abilities : None Known
Skills : Despite the fact that there is no record of her ever attending any educational institutions , Ne’na has an almost uncanny knowledge of world history and geo political policies , she is an expert in counter intelligence and has shown a mastery of several different forms of hand to hand combat , as well a proficiency with firearms explosives and technology.