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And today I’ll put up two characters, so here is the fourth in The League of WTF…

Name: Sparkles
Powers/abilities: Flight, enhanced agility, supersonic scream that stuns all around her temporarily, her launcher can shoot all colors and patterns of fireworks which can have different effects such as high heat, high damage, stun, paralysis, and just looking pretty. She has extreme patriotic believes and goes into complete rage at signs of disrespect towards The United States. During her rage, she fully transforms into a giant eagle who can shoot fireworks from her mouth.
Story: A sick attempt from American scientists to find innovative ways to celebrate fourth of july. The whole enraged transformation thing is just a side effect. She broke out of her cage and escaped from her bonds of torture, and vowed to help free all those in captivity and protect the true meaning of patriotism. However, since joining The League of WTF and fighting all their rivals was easier, she just did that.Sparkles.jpg