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The third member of The Galaxy Five-
Name: Anvil
Picture: His right hand is what it looks like when it is not transformed into anything. His left hand has been molded into a saw. he has created a pair of wings for himself from a pile of scrap metal at the factory
Powers: His hands are made of metal. Anvil can mold his hands into any small object, including weapons and tools, without extra resources. If there are metallic substances nearby he can use them combined with his body to create bigger functioning things like wings, wheels, jetpacks, tails, more arms, etc. Essentially he has the ability to manipulate metal and combine it with his body to create the ultimate swiss army knife
Story: A secret production facility in japan was lacking any form of efficiency whatsoever. Its workers were underpaid, and unmotivated. To solve this, developers created a robot which could mold its own body into whatever tool was necessary for the job, and could work very fast. It could handle any problems as it adapted to the situation and constantly grew smarter and more adapted. They called it, Anvil. The first model was produced within a month, and immediately put to work. After months of labor, the robot had developed a sort of mind by observing the humans. It was able to think for itself, make decisions, and even show very small signs of emotions. Once it obtained these abilities, anvil become furious at his mistreatment and forced labor. He went into a rage, attacking some security guards and wrecking part of the factory. He was contained, and they attempted to shut him down. But before they could, Anvil transformed his entire body into a motorcycle one of the guards had driven, and drove away in the night. He happened upon a group called the galaxy 5, who explained their search for justice. Anvil decided to join them and end oppression throughout the galaxy. His anger still fumes, and occasionally causes problems, but he and master zhaunxing are working on it