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Feel free to use the idea. Might I suggest you look up Sun Wukong to get a better idea of the character. Also there are many versions of Journey to the West that were made for TV. Dragon Ball Z is very loosely inspired by it. There was a cartoon in the 90’s, Monkey Magic, which was based on JTTW. Look for the original story; there are a few characters you might draw inspiration from to add to your universe of animal/human warriors. With regards to Master Zhuanxing, very cool concept, but one point sticks out in your story. You said he is able to take the abilities of animals except flight, but you also said that when he discovered his powers, he saw a hawk and wished he was a bird to escape and he transformed into a hawk. I can only assume that he flew away. Or did you mean he can take on some animal abilities, except flight while still in human form?

Oh, no I guess I should have clarified a little bit more, I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. Your second try is correct, he can fly while in the form of a flying animal, such as the hawk, but when he returns to human form he can’t take the power of flight with him. In other words, he wont grow wings. The idea is that he can gain enhanced strength, speed, agility, climbing, sight, smell, hearing, night vision, underwater breathing, etc. not physical attributes like fur, claws, tails, and wings. I should have wrote that part better. Thanks for your attention to detail though :)