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The Galaxy 5’s next member-
Name: Master Zhuanxing (transformation in simplified chinese)
Powers: Can transform into any animal, and has a chance to inherit some of the animals abilities into his own human body (except flight). Master of the staff and martial arts.
Story: Cho Lin was a simple boy living in a small village in china. His family had always farmed rice and lived in poverty. One day, when Cho was about 9, a band of marauders invaded his village, destroying his families rice farm, and killing cho’s entire family. That was when he discovered his powers. Cho saw the murderous men approaching his house, blades in hand. He looked up at the sky, expecting these were his last moments alive, and saw a hawk flying by. He wished that he was a bird and could escape from the marauders. Suddenly, Cho transformed into a hawk! He escaped the massacre, and traveled to a ninja temple, where the master helped cho hone his skills of transformation, and also trained him as a ninja. He changed his name to Zhuanxing, meaning transformation. But he knew his destiny lie away from the temple, so he ventured out in search of somewhere where justice is valued, desired, and enforced; somewhere where he could enforce it. And so he discovered and joined the galaxy 5.