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Well here we are, the first character of my superhero group, The Galaxy 5.
Name: Doctor Nex
Powers: supergenious, extremely skilled in invention and engineering, he is very weak physically so he had to create armor to protect himself, he also created a powerglove so that he has some offensive capabilities, it can manipulate matter within close range, emit high levels of heat, and shoot concentrated balls of energy.
Story: Doctor Nex was a supergenious working for his planets department of defense, creating new advanced weapons and defence technologies. He learned that some of the officials had dark plans for his inventions, so he attempted to foil their plot, but got caught while he was disarming the last of his creations. He was framed as a traitor and banned from his planet. Nex fled to earth, avoiding detection by using his invisibility suit, and searched for years to find a group who shared his purpose, bringing justice to the galaxy.