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Welcome the scum of the Earth,the parasites,the disease,the BLEEDERS.They since came from underground marking their new dawn, rising after 100 years of slumber,thirsty and yurning for their favorite nectar,BLOOD.The priests of the Pheonix Cheurch have waited for this moment for a century.Have they prepared for what only their fathers before them have only seen.Or was it going to be the most catastrophic event to occur not only in 100 years ,but in the history of planet Earth?
The BLEEDERS.they are said to only be of royal blood,destroying anyone who was turned after giving birth only to an offspring a royal descent.
Even though they are all royal and of kings,queens.princes and princesses,they have a order of authority and follow it to their dying day with no resentment.
The Gaurd Dogs are usually female seeing as they are the most viscious of the bunch,not caring for any life other than the life of the Supreme Master and Countess…Kalial and his dear love and Queen Mordrid.
First of the Bleeders
The vicious