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@JR19759 – Thanks, and done!

Here’s more characters:

Sharon Williams – 36 years – Reporter


A reporter at Channel 9, the city’s main TV news network, she is known to be unstoppable at the search for the truth. Being one of the people that followed Detective Wilson’s murder, she believes that the case is not what it seems. And with the new vigilante on the streets, she will probably have the golden case at her hands.

Marcus Wallace – 28 years – Police Officer


As a beat cop, working at one of the most dangerous areas of Fremont, Wallace is respected by his courage and honesty. Willing to become a detective, he will find another reason to reach his objective: the mystery of the vigilante that acts in his area.

Frank Townley – 52 years – Mayor of Fremont


The acting mayor of Fremont is a frequent target of criticism by thepress and the population, because of his unfinished projects and empty promises. But Townley doesn’t even care, as long as his associates at the Inner Circle keeppaying him to keepa blind eye at some criminal activities. He’s even planning to run a re-election campaign. After all, more time at the City Hall, more money in his pocket.

Angelo Tomasino – 50 years – Restaurant Owner / Head of the Tomasino Family


Even if he still publicly assumes the position of a legitimate businessman, it’s no secret that Don Tomasino is head of the most respected and feared mob family on Freemont. Running numerous legal business and illegal rackets, Tomasino has the police and the politicians in his pocket, ruling calmly over the city.

Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet – 23 years – Bartender


Scarlett makes her life in a high class nightclub in Downtown Freemont, but the constant routine of serving celebrities, socialites and mobsters became a boring routine. With no boyfriend, no family and no time to lose, she became the Scarlet, another vigilante acting at the middle class neighborhood of Redwood Hill.