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Paul Rodriguez-Wilson aka Nightshadow – 25 years – Radio DJ


“Paul helps his widowed mother as a radio DJ on the local station, presenting a classic rock show called “Night Watch”. He’s known and liked by his neighbors, but behind his good humor, hides a feeling of indignation and anger as he sees his hometown being savaged by petty gangs and criminal organizations. Eager to do justice with his own hands, he became the Nightshadow, a masked vigilante who wants and will put the criminals at their deserved place: jail.”

Uniform 1 – Night One


This is the outfit Paul uses as he first embodies his Nightshadow persona. Unfortunately, his first night as a vigilante is a failure. As he tried to stop three members of the Lunatikz of hurting an innocent woman, they proceed to overpower and beat up Paul to near-death. And, to crown Paul’s defeat, the sadistic Lunatikz kill the woman, right in front of him, while he passes out.

Uniform 2 – New Shadow


Weeks after that disastrous night, Paul decides that he will keep trying to bring justice to Freemont. Now with a new outfit and a card on his sleeve – his old man’s revolver – the Nightshadow watches over the dangerous district of Carlton Heights once again.