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Percival “Percy” Washington was a small time criminal in the Atlanta area when he was released from prison after time served for grand theft. Finding work at the CDC facility as a janitor Percy was working late one night when CDC scientists accidentally dropped a vial containing an airborne pathogen derived from an asteroid. They shut down the wing of the CDC lab where Percy was cleaning and he was trapped behind the security doors because he had his head phones on and did not hear the alarm. The airborne pathogen attacked his body and he died banging on the security doors begging the scientists to open them and save him. They could not out of security protocols and fear of spreading the contamination. Percy died in front of them and then his body began to mutate due to his GorWol trait manifestation. Percy was reborn into a being with tremendous energy powers. His last thought was hatred for the people who allowed him to die so he began destroying the CDC facility when ISF Team DELTA responded. Calling himself Star Nova, he fought them and escaped when he caused structural damage to the facility and forced the ISF team to rescue civilians still trapped inside. Star Nova then went on a rampage killing people he believed wronged him throughout his life; family members, police, competitors, etc. After a prolonged fight with members of the American Watch Star Nova fled and hid. His current whereabouts are unknown. Star Nova can generate, absorb and control cosmic microwave radiation left over from the big bang. This energy provides him with increased strength (20 ton range), durability, flight, and endurance. He can fly in a vacuum unaided and can project powerful cosmic bolts. He can absorb other forms of energy and convert them into his cosmic microwave radiation energy. He seems to be unaffected by extreme cold, heat, fire and radiation. His power is on par with Doctor Dimento, Lord Psyker, Gilgamesh and Stargazer making him one of the most powerful meta humans on Earth.