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Allie Chastain was a typical housewife and stay at home mother in rural Georgia raising two kids. All this ended one day on a family vacation to Florida when at a gas stop Dark Cabal members were fighting ISF Team ALPHA nearby. The gas station blew up because of the fighting between Baateezu and Baal and Allie’s husband and children were caught in the explosion as she was away throwing out trash. Losing her mind as a result of the experience Allie was committed to Georgia’s Central State Hospital, a sanitarium, and she blamed the death of her family on the ISF and mentally descended into chaos. She spent a year confined to a straight jacket all but abandoned by her remaining family. One day when the villain Witchling was escaping from the sanitarium after capture Allie helped her escape by knocking over some guards behind Witchling. Believing she could be of some use Witchling brought Allie with her. When Witchling was recruited by Gog, Allie was brought along. Gog’s mysterious benefactor conducted experiments on Allie and changed her genetic code to give her meta abilities. Allie was then programmed to be Nightslayer, an assassin, and given two energy blades. She was also hypnotically re-programmed with extreme fighting abilities. Currently Nightslayer serves as the benefactors main assassin and enforcer after Gog. Allie is the first known meta human without the GorWol trait. She was given the meta abilities of super reflexes and rapid healing through scientific means. She can recover from gunshots in minutes, broken bones in hours and severed limbs in days. Her agility and reaction time are at peak levels. She is equipped with two energy swords that can carve through most objects. These swords can also deflect some energy attacks. She is trained in a fighting style that most world experts believe to be a hybrid style since it is unrecognizable. She is a dangerous opponent. Even Hooligan tends to avoid her.