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Vegard Halvesen was a minor civil office worker in Lillehammer, Norway who was a local attraction since he stood 6’10” and participated in regional strongman competitions. One fall while taking a hike in the nearby mountains Vegard came upon a poor family struggling to move a fallen tree off of their roof. He stopped to help them and used his height to brace the tree while the others tied the tree off with counterweights. Suddenly another tree started to fall and Vegard noticed the tree would fall on the family’s toddler who was playing nearby. Vegards heart raced and he reached out to alter the path of the tree when his GorWol trait manifested and he grew in size catching the tree in his arms. Vegard saved the child and became a national hero. The Norwegian government recruited him to act as a national hero focusing on assisting in natural disasters (floods, avalanches) and rescues under the name of Jotun. Vegard is a biokinetic and can increase in size, strength and durability. At his normal height of 6’10” Vegard can lift 10 tons. At his maximum height of 21′ Vegard can lift roughly 40 tons. His durability also increases when he alters his size.