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Carlo Moretti was a mild mannered mason in Rome living a quiet life. He saved up money to take a vacation to England which was a life long dream. Flying over the Channel in a sudden storm, Carlo’s plane was struck by lightning and immediately plunged into the waters below. Carlo was the only survivor as his GorWol trait manifested and he used his powers to escape. Taken back to Italy by Italian government security, Carlo was examined and determined he possessed meta powers. He was offered and accepted a position as the Italian Meta Champion. He spent over a year training with the Carabinieri Special Operations Group and the Italian 9th Parachute Assault Battalion, changing from a timid nobody to a hardened anti-terrorist/special forces soldier. He now deploys to confront threats to Italian national security within Italy and locally throughout the Mediterranean as Praetorian. Praetorian is an ergokinetic. He can generate a green hued energy fire from his arms. He can shoot the energy from his hands at targets, use it to heal his own wounds, and use it to fly for short periods by projecting the energy behind him. He is also super strong and is able to lift 20 tons and has improved durability. He was trained by the finest Italian commandos and law enforcement personnel in hand to hand, weapons, tactics, investigations and anti-terrorism. He is outfitted with Roman style armor and gladius, mostly for ceremonial purposes.