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Phillip Laval was born to a Saskatchewan mother and a Quebecois father and considered himself of pure Canadian stock. He joined the Canadian military after high school serving in the Canadian Light Infantry. He soon became the best soldier, then NCO in his unit and was selected for Officer training due to his high aptitude scores and record. He accepted a commission in the Canadian Infantry Branch and volunteered to serve in the Canadian Airborne Regiment. While he was a good officer to his platoon he chaffed under the command of officers he considered poor in thought and execution. He transferred to the Canadian Special Operations Regiment but while he still excelled in the field, he still had discipline problems with his superiors and almost considered leaving the military. A friend in the Canadian Intelligence Branch convinced him to take time off to pursue academic interests. He spent two years completing a Masters of International Relations at Brock University then volunteered for JTF2. He excelled as a team leader in JTF2 and served in Afghanistan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Kenya. It was in Kenya where he was shot by Mungiki terrorists and almost died. His GorWol trait manifested and helped him heal from grievous wounds which brought him to the attention of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. He was reassigned to a secret program to make the ultimate Canadian soldier. After two years of research, experiments and training Phillip was unveiled as the Canadian Shield, protector of Canada. Phillip is a biokinetic. He has increased strength and can lift 15 tons, increased reflexes and has slightly increased durability and healing. He is a trained special forces soldier and is an excellent combatant, tactician and marksman. He is armed with two obdurium buckler shields strapped to his forearms which he uses to deflect attacks. He also wears twin 9mm pistols and a combat shotgun. He is ambidextrous and can speak multiple languages (English, French, Russian, German).