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Linda Nealson was a popular international model but having trouble finding employment in her waning years as she hit 35. Younger models were grabbing the top shows and Linda found herself continually relegated to smaller side venues. Doing a store catalog clothing shoot in Austria Linda was despondent when the store company chose a younger model the cover after having once promised to Linda. Linda was fuming and after work hours in a fit of rage she attacked her younger competition when the younger model mocked Linda’s upcoming birthday. Fleeing from the scene and pursued by police Linda hid in an old mining tunnel near the hotel. Scared, injured and alone, Linda cried herself to sleep thinking her life was over. She spent two days in a coma and emerged from the cave a changed woman as her GorWol trait manifested and transformed her into a being with spider like powers. Her first act was to track the younger model down at the local hospital and finish the job she started. After killing the model Linda fought off the local police and fled the area. She was found by Deacon Kurst who smuggled her back to the US and gave her a job in his organization as an enforcer under the name Lady Arachna. Linda fought the heroes Warmage, Vikka, Solarra and Killer Bee. Lady Arachna is a therianthropic and possesses spider like powers. She has increased strength (5 ton range), reflexes, durability and can discharge strong and sticky webbing from her hands. This webbing can trap opponents and multiple applications can immobilize super strong targets (she once stopped Army Ant from breaking free using just her webbing). She also has four spider legs protruding from her backside and can use them to scale walls, attack her opponents or block incoming attacks.