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Janessa Canizales was a Brazilian secretary/semi-pro surfer living in Florianapolis when a particularly violent undertow pulled her under for 5 minutes while surfing. Rushed to the hospital she was later released after doctors found nothing wrong with her and her family declared it a miracle. In reality her GorWol trait manifested, but was of such a low power nothing was noticed. A few months later Janessa was walking to work when she was swooped up from the ground by Superbeast who took her to a secret hideout in the tri-border region. There Janessa was strapped to a lab table and experimented on by an unknown scientist until her GorWol trait was increased. After that her mind was wiped and she was given the memories of a life long hardened criminal. She was outfitted with special gauntlets that helped her augment and control her powers and when set free, she became a criminal alongside Superbeast and Gog under the name of Gauntlet. Gauntlet is an ergokinetic. She has slightly increased strength (1 ton), resistance, endurance and reflexes. When harnessing her bioenergy through her gauntlets her strength and resistance increase by a factor of 25; she can lift up to 25 tons through energy manifestations and also generates a protective energy shield around her body. She creates large duplicates of her hands and sometimes her arms that are made up entirely of hardened energy. She can operate these manifestations as if they were her own hands. This only happens when she has her gauntlets on.