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Delber Johnson was a career criminal in New Mexico when he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. He killed two inmates during the seven years he was already in prison when he was broken out via teleportation by unknown means. Delber was strapped to a lab table and experimented on until his GorWol trait was activated. He awoke and found himself dressed in a lightweight yet durable suit of armor and holding lance which shoots energy beams. Calling himself Powerlance, Delber went on a crime spree until Guardian and Illuminator of the American Watch confronted him outside of Dallas, Texas. Losing the fight Delber was teleported out of police custody with his armor and lance and has not been seen since. Powerlance appears to be a minor biokinetic having slightly enhanced reflexes, strength and endurance. His armor and lance are made of an unknown metal which is very strong. The armor provides him with good resistance to attacks and the lance shoots an energy beam which can punch through concrete.