Herr D

I had a couple of strange things happen in the Tops category. I had two each of two top items chosen and tried to select one that was mostly behind other items by clicking on the item number arrow. It moved my cursor to the item number arrow for the other pair of items. I tried it a few times to be sure I wasn’t just tired. I got around it by moving the other items out of the way to click on directly. It was a bit weird.

Then the top row of items whited out and wouldn’t come back. I know those odd white rectangles normally go away if you move your cursor over them or just act like they aren’t there, but that same top row of items in Tops wouldn’t come back. I don’t know what was there, I don’t think I was using them, and I can’t remember exactly where they were now, so I’ve no idea how helpful I can be. I’ll try to go get a screen shot of what I saw if it repeats.