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Mad Jack

@ams said:
After these, if the feeling is good, I’ll see if I’ll take some more requests.

Well, just in case you take more requests: I’d love to see your interpration of my “Walker”. :D


Lance Walker was an American archaelogist who happened to stumble upon an abandoned, hidden base of an alien species called the Mata’nui in 1927 and was chosen by the facility’s sentient computer to become “The Walker” – an involuntary time traveler who is hurled back- and forward through time to places of special historical significance in order to “put right what once went wrong”. In the majority of cases he can’t control when and where he will end up, but sometimes he is able to willingly travel into times he already visited before. While he remembers his last name and how he became a time traveler, most of his past is a blur to him. In return he appears to have a vast knowledge about the past and the future, what originally should have transpired in history, and what change has to be done, in a specific time he appears in, to “correct” the course of events.


Obviously, the Walker can move forward and backward in time. He also sees possible futures, and when he detects a threat to the timeline he gets automatically pulled to the corresponding point of time in order to take steps that counters this threat. He also has the irritating, and mostly subconscious, ability to sense the presence of latent and manifested mutations in the genetic code of person’s who are in close proximity to himself and to jump-start or evolve their superhuman powers.

I’m not fixed on his current attire, so (if you decide to re-image him) please feel free to do with him whatever you want … ;)