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A little late again, but Lady Dragon is spectacular! She has the perfect DILLIGAF expression, befitting a woman badass enough to be Alpha’s right hand lady.

As for the shading study, great job! The visible seams mentioned before are fairly faint, and could easily be covered with a different color palette, glove items, etc.

If I may give one or two notes, very minor things. His nipples seem a bit central/close together to me. I think proportionately each one might move a few pixels to the left and right, respectively. In terms of proportion his torso seems a bit narrow where the trunk meets the chest, under the arms. I think that’s by virtue of using the adolescent body-type from Body>Male Alternate with the chest/neck from Body>Male Military, but a guy that buff would probably have bigger lats! I’ve actually used the curve of the forearm item (the complete item with elbow bone and closed wrist) from Body>Male Standard, layered behind everything and blended in with gradients to counteract that problem.

Other than my nitpicking, the shading is exceptional, especially on the legs and the face. Great job!